NO LIMITS! Offer EXPIRES Monday, August 8th, 2016 at 7pm. Text or Call Rosemarie Clark at (506)640-2400 or e-mail me: Include in the body of your message your Name, Address, phone number and email. Write qty (1) for each 4-pc pack required. e.g. CODE: 8962001 Senses Comforting Fig Pack (2) 13.95 = 27.90 plus tax. Your 4-pc Pack will deliver Thursday, August 18th, 2016.

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Hi my name is Rosemarie Clark, AVON Unit Leader, President's Club Member & Independent Avon Sales Rep since 1997. Mother of two young men and wife to a loving supportive husband.

Shop Online Campaign 17

Registered Customers can shop Avon Online 24/7. To receive the above Advance Order Offer use product number 8962001.

C17 eBROCHURE. Valid till Monday, Aug 8th, 2016. Let's be sure that we stay connected! Text or call me at (506)640-2400 or e-mail me at and I will send you a CUSTOMER REGISTRATION FORM. You can contact me on facebook also

New Customers

Email me your First and Last Name, Phone Number and Home Address. I will Invite you to become my Customer. New Customers will receive a first time $5 Coupon for orders $25+. In the body of your email include Avon Coupon Code "WELCOME5"!     

Facebook Wednesday's Biweekly Give-A-WayAvon Far Away Infinity

Every second Wednesday I post an Up-and-Coming Product. All you have to do is LIKE and SHARE the Wednesday Giveaway Post (public), and then the following Wednesday, One Lucky Winner will be drawn. I deliver the prize with the current campaign or the following campaign. You will be notified through facebook. No exchanges on prizes. Sometimes you will have a choice of colour and or size. Visit my page to see what I will be giving away this week ( ) Please *Note this offer is NOT opened to other Sales Representatives. Congratulation to Kelley Wallace last week's winner.

Avon – 25% earnings in your 1st 6 campaigns + incentives to earn more...

Avon provides the tools, expertise, and support you need - so you can quickly set yourself up for success.

There are two ways to sell:

#1 face-to-face through the Avon brochure.

#2  Customers can order online through and have their orders delivered direct, or by Rep.

Share eBROCHURE through email and Invite customers to shop your store through Avon's social channels like facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, plus more.

Avon makes it easy to sell with something for everyone!! New products and offers are updated every 2 weeks!

One of the top questions I'm asked is, "How much can I make selling Avon?

Your earnings match your efforts and your passion. Utilize Avon's Social networking tools. Put yourself and the products you love, out there! You have the opportunity to grow your earnings as you grow your sales. Build on your success by inviting people into the Avon business and earn on recruiting efforts and team sales. Your success is unlimited!

Active Avon Independent Sales Representatives earn between 15% to 50% commission on personal sales. There is no out-of-pocket investment, Avon deducts the $10 sign up fee from your first order. You don't have to have monthly quotas, or keep an inventory. Avon gives you many incentives to earn extra income and special discounts on upcoming new products. Do you hate the idea of having home parties, why not have one on facebook?  

You can work from home and create the work/life balance that’s just right for you and your family. Your hours, your passion, your way.

Let me help you quickly set yourself up for success. Let's help you start earning right away!

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