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It is great that you are interested in joining Avon. Whether you are a busy mom, work outside the home, are retired or just plain love Avon and want to be a part of it...Avon is a great business opportunity for you! If you want to make some extra money as a part-time endeavor or a full-time one, Avon makes it easy to run your own home-based business. AVON offers so many fabulous products. Avon is a world leader in cosmetics and skincare. Our product line appeals to people of all walks of life because there is something for everyone. Cosmetics, skincare, clothing, toys, books, jewellery, men's line and home are sure to find products to please.

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Here are some FAQs that will help give you

an idea about the Avon Opportunity...

Please contact me and I would be happy to give you a call to answer any questions you may have. If you are still interested, we can make appointment to get you started on your Avon business!

Is it Easy to start get started with Avon?:

It is very easy to start your own Avon business! Startup is only $10.00 which is charged onto your first order, so there is no out of pocket expense. That gets you everything you need to start your business! You will receive an Appointment Kit that includes 2 campaigns worth of brochures, a full sized product, a training book, an order book and all the campaign literature that you need to get started.

You can also take advantage of one of the two amazing kits - The IT Kit or The Advanced Starter Kit which both offer unbelievable savings and a great launch to your business. They are available to new reps within your first 6 campaigns.

No-pressure sales:

There are no sales quotas or minimum orders with Avon. You don't have to carry any inventory which means you only order in what you or your customers want. Just pass out the brochures to people you meet!

It is Your Avon Business:

You really do set your own hours and fit Avon into your busy lifestyle. Avon is not a home-party business, but you are free to have home-parties if you wish. Most Representatives pass out their brochures to friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to get sales.

Who would I sell to?:

Pass your brochures out to family members, friends, neighbours, co-workers and everyone you come in contact with. Do not forget people you meet everyday at the grocery store, running errands, taking your kids to school, church and sports teams. Everyone is always anxious to see an Avon brochure!

What is the Earning Potential?:

With Avon you can make a little bit of money or a lot of money. You decide what your earnings are going to be by the effort you put towards it. To see the potential earnings of someone in Avon Leadership please check the Leadership Bonus Structure links on the homepage.

Can You build Your Own Team?:

Avon offers a wonderful earning opportunity to it's representatives. In addition to selling top quality products, you can choose to join Leadership and build your own sales team. This is a very rewarding option and is available to every rep at anytime. You can become a Leader when the time is right for you. As a Leader you will not only have my support to help you grow as a leader, but your entire team will have support as well.

How do You get started?

Contact me and I will answer any other questions you have....

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