Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to tell you all about the incredible earning opportunity with Avon.

I have been with this company for 15 years now. I have seen a lot of changes in this time.

As a single parent, I have raised my two children with my Avon income, travelled the world, both with Avon, and seperately with my children.

This company has afforded me a lifestyle where I choose my own hours, and my own work week.  I work when I want to work, and am free to take holidays when I want to take them.

As a Senior Executive with Avon Canada, and currently the # 1 team in the National rankings, I now drive a company car leased and licensed by Avon Canada.

I personally came to this company 15 years ago with huge reservations, but as my business began to grow, I have come to realize that there is no comparison to meet what this company can offer you.

In the market today, it is our price point that sets us apart from the competition.  Couple that with our 127 year old reputation, and generations of loyal customers, gives us an unbeatable position in the marketplace! 

This creates a sure fire successful business opportunity for anyone that is serious about being their own boss.

If that is what you are looking for, an opportunity to live life on your terms, work around your lifestyle, and be your own boss, then I would love to get together with you and show you what this compny can offer you!!

We use proven methods, and result oriented training, to show you step by step how to build just that type of business!

Person to person coaching is a key element, to ensure that you understand everything our company offers, and how to take advantage of it!!

We are growing and expanding into new areas all the time. We are one of the world's largest direct sales companies. That in itself is exciting! ! !

 Over the past 15 years, I have been able to purchase incredible products at dealer cost. I have been able to buy novelty gifts, a lot of them exclusive to our company, for family and friends. No more crazy malls and lack of customer service for me!!!!!!!

I have been able to help my family and friends with their shopping needs, no more crazy malls and lack of customer service for them!!!!!

I have also met a lot of complete strangers that through Avon have become close friends. Some of them have even become active members of my Avon team!!!!!

Avon Diamond Divas!

Now as a Senior Executive Unit Leader with Avon Canada, I am enjoying the company so much more. Now I have the opportunity to work with new representatives and help them build their own Avon businesses.   To be able to show them first hand, the same opportunity that I found with Avon!

I do not know of another company that can offer you as much as Avon. They have a $10.00 registration fee. This will include a kit with everything that you need to get you started. From there you run your business the way in which it best suits your needs. You base it around your hours, and your comfort zone.

There are just three things that Avon expects of you.


Sell the product, even if you, yourself are your only customer. You have the opportunity to do sales as well, but this is entirely up to you.


Share the opportunity. Tell other people about what you are doing. Maybe you have friends in other areas of Canada that are big Avon users themselves, but they are buying it from another Avon Dealer. If they live too far away from you for you to feasibly deliver it. Then share the opportunity with them and register them as a representative on your team.


Show them how you do it. If you enjoy what you are doing, everyone wants to be a part of it.

It has been a great experience for me working with this company, and I would love the opportunity to show you what this company can offer you!!!!

 Please email or phone me if you would like to talk more about taking advantage of this opportunity, or let me tell you about our incredible BONUS incentive!!



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